Nexta - B2B Demand Generation Agency

A B2B demand generation agency

We generate qualified leads and drive sales for B2B companies. Contact us to schedule a 30 minute discovery call.

Snapshot of recent pipelines:

HPSMB PartnershipsIndia
HarmanInstitutional SalesIndia
Mar TechCMO, CRM, DigitalIndia
AI EditingEcom, Auto, FashionMEA, Asia
Ed TechHR Head, L&D HeadGlobal
Logistics TechOrganised RetailIndia
Mar TechBank, Auto, TravelIndia

Demand Generation

Ask any seasoned sales professional and they will tell you that leads alone are not enough.

The holy grail is inbound leads. But it takes time to generate a healthy level of sustainable inbound interest.

You need the following to happen in tandem.

  • Cast a wide net to identify prospects that have the budget, need and urgency for your product. Qualify them and bring them to a meeting.

  • For the balance 95% that are not yet ready to buy, focus on building long term authority and trust. Use case studies, white papers, thought leadership blogs. So that when they have the budget, need and urgency for your product, they also have the trust. And become an inbound lead.

That is how you generate sustainable B2B demand. There are no shortcuts. This is exactly what Nexta does for you. Our processes, training, automation and growing network allows us to move faster than most sales outfits.

We hand over sales-qualified leads to your sales team. They hand hold the prospects through the final half of the buying journey.


Nexta focuses on the top of the sales funnel. The following teams work on each account.


  • The Nancy Drew team.

  • Identifying key decision makers across geographies.

  • Deep diving into each profile to understand customer persona, extract contact details and unearth personalisation nuggets.

  • Nuggets can be anything - a tweet, a LinkedIn post, a blog.


  • They take a download from Research.

  • Create sequenced email drip campaigns.

  • Split tests are used to optimise emails.

  • The nuggets are used to personalise our outreach efforts.

  • Responsible for building monthly, long term authority emails.

Sales Manager

  • They are pilots. The captains. The glory (and blame) is theirs.

  • Trained in prescriptive sales.

  • Eternal problem solvers.

  • They respond to prospect queries.

  • Measure open rates, link clicks and attachment downloads.

  • Cold call prospects that are engaging with our emails.

  • Qualify prospects and set up meetings for your sales teams.

Why Nexta

Problems addressed by Nexta

  • Low bandwidth restricting a company's ability to target the Total Available Market (TAM).

  • Seeking quicker growth in a shorter than usual span of time.

  • Not getting enough sales qualified leads.

  • Lack of awareness in the target market.

  • Quickly build a sales pipeline for new products or geographies.

  • Limited long term authority building campaigns. Resulting in low inbound leads.

Benefits of retaining Nexta

  • Researching decision makers to identify what makes them tick.

  • Nurturing your pipeline by automating awareness + consideration.

  • Optimising outbound calling by segmenting based on engagement.

  • Building authority in perpetuity. So that when prospects have the budget, need and urgency, they also have the trust.

  • Ability to scale upto 2500 new prospects engaged each month.

  • Ensuring a growing flow of inbound leads.

  • Enabling your internal sales team to focus only on closing.

About Nexta

Nexta is a B2B demand generation agency based out of India. We started in January 2017 to help businesses streamline their sales process.

Our head office is in Mumbai and we have a satellite office in Gururgam.

Our team is made up exclusively of B2B sales professionals. We are led by Kunal Jaju who brings 15 years of B2B sales experience.

We invest heavily in sales learning and sales automation to ensure high levels of productivity for each team member.

We believe prospects cannot be influenced into making a buying decision. Our responsibility is to ask questions, listen to prospects and, if possible, connect their problems to our clients' solutions.

If you have any problems at the top of your sales funnel, do contact us.

Contact Us

2nd Floor, Modi House,
Andheri West, Mumbai, 400053

WeWork, Forum, DLF Cyber City,
Phase III, Gurugram, 122002

[email protected]

Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

Nexta builds B2B pipelines to help with the strategic alliances function of B2C and B2B brands. JBL, Tata Sky, Jockey, Raymond, Ajio, HP, Pharmeasy and more have worked with us.

Nexta is currently building B2B alliance pipelines to target sports & fitness enthusiasts, new home buyers, e-gamers, banking customers, OTT subscribers, fashion forward individuals, small & medium business owners, large dealer and distributor networks in unorganised retail and more.

Sales Resources

Each team member at Nexta invests 1 hour per week towards sales learning. We call it Learning Hour. Thursdays, from 11 AM to 12 PM, you will find all our calendars blocked :)

Starting February 2021, we are adding content pieces we absolutely love below.

You can follow us on social media to stay updated.

Work at Nexta

Are you a B2B sales professional? Nexta is going to be your happy place. To work with us, please send your resume and LinkedIn profile to [email protected].

B2B Sales Manager - Job Description

  • Build and nurture the top of the B2B funnel for clients you manage.

  • Define their sales process.

  • Work with clients and Nexta Content team to create collateral.

  • Work with Nexta Research team on prospecting.

  • Create and optimise email sequences.

  • Set up automation.

  • Measure engagement.

  • Make outbound calls to engaged prospects.

  • Give context, ask qualifying + problem identifying questions.

  • Schedule meetings between relevant+interested prospects and clients.

  • Handover prospect to client.

  • Constantly fine tune sales process + collateral.

  • Weekly client reporting.

  • Weekly client review calls.

  • Work with content writers to create monthly authority-building collateral for each client.

B2B Sales Manager - Ideal Team Member

  • Hands on B2B sales experience.

  • Has experienced a sales pipeline being created + nurtured from scratch.

  • Has worked under a good B2B sales mentor.

  • Desire to learn all things B2B sales.

  • Organised - can juggle multiple balls.

  • Top notch communication skills.

  • Patient and respectful of prospects and their time.

  • Values work-life balance.

Why Nexta

  • If you love B2B sales, you will probably love Nexta. All of us are B2B sales professionals. We probably speak your language. And understand your fears and motivations better than most.

  • We work hard to make sure we stay at the very cutting edge of all things B2B sales.

  • We value work-life balance. You will work 8.5 hours a day, 5 days a week. No more. We can't remember the last time any of us worked longer than this.

  • You will learn. We host a company-wide Learning Hour every Thursday. So that our collective learning never stops.

  • We are extremely flexible. With working hours. And with the location of work. Offices are in Mumbai and Gurgaon, but you can work out of other places as well.

  • Small team, high level of responsibility. You will be helping with client pipelines from the get go. If you can't swim, you will have to learn real quick.