What We Do

Think of Nexta as an extension of your marketing team. Our job is to identify non-competing brands your customers love. And structure win-win alliance campaigns on your behalf.


Alliance campaigns where the focus is purely on driving transactions or traffic.


Partnerships where targeting is a notch more important than conversions.


Alliances when you want to personalise your customer engagement game.


When are you looking at external partnerships to reinforce or amplify your brand.

Campaigns conceptualised by you, powered by NEXTA and delivered by our Banks


Identify your Audience


Create an exclusive promotion + message


NEXTA Design makes creatives as per Brand and Bank guidelines


NEXTA Analytics helps Bank create Audience identified by you


Bank sends your communication to your Audience

Getting your first campaign up and running on NEXTA is quick and painless. Marketers need to identify the Audience, create an exclusive gratification offer, help NEXTA with the communication content and sign an Insertion Order.

How We Work

Why Strategic Alliances?

Quality and privacy-compliant access to third party data is a problem that is compounding year on year. Leveraging alliance partners’ high quality second-party data can help you run targeted campaigns. With increasing competition, the subsequent rise in customer acquisition costs can be addressed by alliance campaigns that offer a high degree of predictability on ROI. The fact that you are partnering with a brand that your customers already love, is the icing on the cake.

Who does Nexta partner with for your campaigns?

The world is our oyster. We identify surrogate brands where your customers spend their time and money. We also reach out to brands that can allow us to leverage their high-quality, first-party data that your campaign might need. We have run alliance campaigns across banks, aggregators, wallets, hotels, airlines, insurance companies, fashion retailers, toy retailers, luxury retailers and large employers to name a few.

How does a Nexta association work?

Nexta’s #1 responsibility is to build a healthy alliance pipeline for our clients. 100% of our clients have one thing in common – they are serious about alliances contributing a larger share of revenue, awareness and/or engagement.

Nexta operates on a fixed + performance cost model. Once you retain our services, your alliances team at Nexta will understand your marketing problems and execute end-to-end alliance campaigns to solve these problems. At any given time, Nexta will engage between 75 to 150+ brands for our clients.

What are Nexta’s deliverables?

Once you retain Nexta’s services, we understand your problems and start building you an alliance pipeline across all relevant industries. Your alliances team at Nexta will reach out to relevant brands, establish initial context, qualify their budget and need, understand their problems, conceptualise a multi-dimensional alliance campaign, get buy-in from both brands, follow through on legal and creatives and execute the campaigns from start to finish.

You will have access to a live tracker sheet to check the health of your alliance pipeline, weekly Pipeline Review calls and monthly ROI Review calls. You will also receive consolidated reports from all your alliance campaigns.

What is the Nexta advantage?

Our network is constantly expanding. Which means we can drive more value to you tomorrow, than we did today. We understand what motivates each brand in our network. We understand the nuances of their business that helps us craft near-perfect win-win partnership opportunities.

We have access to industry best practices across industries. This insight helps us conceptualise unique and interesting alliance campaigns.

Lastly, B2B sales is in our DNA. We create a dynamic, semi-automated sales process for each client. This allows our team members to cover more ground in the same amount of time than most other alliances professionals.

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How is NEXTA a Privacy-by-Design company?

We live in a world where an individual’s privacy concerns are often addressed as an after thought. Before laying the foundation brick for NEXTA, we put an individual’s privacy in front of us. We then went on to build the product around that. As we grow in this journey, you will see this come up at various points.

A quick example: NEXTA gets no indirect access to any personally identifiable data of any individual. Any identifiable data that we do receive, comes to us directly from the individual. That data is not pseudonymized since unauthorised pseudonymization reversal of data is a real threat. Instead NEXTA uses technical measures like data obfuscation to protect an individual’s identifiable data. Pseudonymization of data might allow us to collect data for 1 purpose, and use it for another. Data obfuscation makes that difficult.

At a product level, this means that we cannot give any Advertiser the direct ability to run campaigns independent of banks. This limits our abilities to create impact (and earn revenue). However, that is the type of product decisions you take when you are a Privacy-by-Design company.

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